What we can do for you

What we are offering

The user experience is at the core of everything we do, we dive deep into our customers and their industry to help identify opportunities of delivering great experience through technology. This allows us to deliver memorable, intuitive and simple technology experiences. We work across design thinking, product consultation and UI/UX implementation.

Under the hood
  • Focus on info architecture, process flows, UI/UX design + research, prototypes, testing and interaction design

  • Embrace principles of design thinking in conceptualizing solution

Best Practices
  • To ensure there is a seamless line of communication between front-end and backend systems we embrace design systems language


Our work with start-ups has even enabled to secure funding based on our solutions & designing great experiences.

Data runs great experience, we help our customers manage and utilize data to deliver actionable insight. Our deep domain expertise in data helps us to consult our client on data architecture and analyse feasibility of data driven ML/AI outcomes, data engineering and science, and data visualization to drive business intelligence.

Under the hood
  • Focus on data engineering, core computing, machine learning and AI

  • Work towards Data-Ops principles and move towards ML/AI-Ops for intelligence fuelled experiences

Best Practices
  • To ensure future scalability we focus on creating unified architectures for platforms to quickly enhance themselves

  • Strong focus on easy yet water tight security with zero-trust architecture

  • We use our own elastic data platform (EDP)

  • We also have pre-build data connectors, pipeline accelerators and other data-led reusable assets to accelerate delivery


We have more than 8 years of experience in data engineering and science. We have had the opportunity to build data automation solutions across small, simple, complex and high data velocity solutions with large data lakes. Our experience of work is focused on the global enterprises for data insights and POCs to derive insights.

We help our customers build platforms to deliver experiences. Our strong capabilities on micro-services, micro-front ends, data analytics and DevSecOps help us to handhold our customers to build platforms to address modernization and custom platform development. We believe in platforms as the future of technology-led experiences.

Under the hood
  • Focus on cloud native, DevOps and moderization technology programmes

  • Work with microservices, microfrontends, DevSecOps, and 12 Factor design principles

Best Practices
  • Focus on DevSecOps to ensure high performance and scalable solutions

  • Unified architectures for platforms to quickly enhance + Strong focus on zero trust architecture

  • We use our own platform engines such as Gessa, Aurops, IRO codeless to help build better experiences faster

  • Extensive library of services, components, pipelines and other assets accelerate world-class experience delivery


We have more than 15 years of experience in building products, highly scalable, flexible, resilient enterprise platforms. We have transformed funded start-ups to high growth organizations using cutting edge technologies and design. We have worked across start-ups, emerging enterprise and large, global MNCs.

Why we do , What we do

On a mission to make technology simpler, every day.

We do the hard part

Continuously embrace new technology, processes and skills and translate into a simply great experience for the user.

We don’t wait for challenges

We go find them because where there are challenges is an opportunity to evolve and innovate.

We stand in the users shoes

Design thinking principles to ensure the experiences we deliver are relevant and make the user’s life better.

We are honest with ourselves

Collaborate with partners, subject matter experts and advisors when we ourselves don’t know something.