The world was flat. Nilesh and Anupam had a decision to make. There was a huge opportunity that was forming in mobility, cloud, PHP, .NET, and there was always a passion to use technologies to create great experiences. There was a choice between staying on their fast track career journey or start a new enterprise with a bunch of friends.


We chose to always challenge the ‘as-is’, and iauro was born

One of iauro’s first experiences challenging the status quo was on building a future-facing product, challenging the state of education with BenchPrep.


Cloud was emerging as the next big opportunity, and along with the existing tech stack, iauro added Java to our arsenal. It was a time of fast growth, and once again, a decision was to be made. Grow independent or collaborate? The answer lied in iauro’s purpose. To deliver great experience. But on the side, iauro also started building accelerators and platforms to help them ship better solutions faster. This was the start of IO Labs.


Building products was a part of our DNA, and hence, we chose a path to create and serve.

iauro started to collaborate with like-minded, passionate partners to deliver great human experience. Working with OV Guide was an opportunity to disrupt the entertainment experience


A time of connected things. iauro started to move towards data analytics, IOT and open source. Embracing change and always learning, iauro built its UI/UX and MEAN stack expertise. Product-driven customers, fantastic team and a time of accelerated growth in technology. On the sidelines, a tech-passionate team at Speciale Invest was taking a keen interest in our story, and they decided to start telling it together.


Embracing change, yet never losing a high growth mindset has been core to us.

iauro picked up its pre-series investment from Speciale Invest, and soon after, got an opportunity to deliver their new skills to create future of home automation and connected things with SmartHome.


Never satisfied, iauro identified a gap in the industry to be able to envision products of the future. Instilling fail fast and agile processes in its delivery experience, the focus was now on Micro-services, DevOps and Design Thinking. With the team climbing over a 150, it was time for a larger space where experiences could be conceptualized, created and delivered.


Staying ahead of time requires a commitment to continuously learn and being ready to unlearn.

Along with shifting into a larger office space for its fast growing team, iauro was selected by a global Tier I IT services company to help to digitally transform the way the ship software.


Running into a world of opportunity, we question everyday ourselves to ask ‘what’s next?. Realizing the secret of the future was in platforms, iauro started to change its orientation towards Envision platform to help their customer solve business challenges. This fast paced growth and the IPs being built by IO Labs fuelled the company’s series A funding by Saraswat Infotech. At IO Labs, a new platform to fuel automated asset reuse and exponentially accelerate time to market for new platforms was ready to be launched. It was called Gessa.


Our story of evolution continues.

Going beyond just good to great.

We strive towards creating a firm of endearment

Our purpose is to evolve and enrich human experiences through technological solutions. And our mission is to make technology simpler every day.

A culture of relationship

Minds behind the innovation

Anupam Kulkarni

  • Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

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Nilesh Ratnaparkhi

  • Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer

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Krunal Chaudhari

  • Chief Technology Officer

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Mayur Yambal

  • Chief Platform Officer

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Yogesh Dhande

  • Chief Delivery Officer

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Stephen Raphael

  • Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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Devdatta Chandgadkar

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Vishesh Rajaram

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Arjun Rao

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