About us

— Sarah-Jane Redmond

At iauro, you’ll find visual thinkers who communicate through design. You can tell by our website. We’re defined by curiosity, resilience and resourcefulness. Challenges don’t scare us. We’re all about taking the road less travelled, and disrupting the path we walk on. Trust us to stay two steps ahead of you. Tech fascinates us, but without our people, there’s no scope to innovate, and we truly believe that team work makes the dream work!

Thought Leaders

Nilesh Ratnaparkhi

Founder | CTO - Global

Anupam Kulkarni

Co-Founder | CEO - Global

Stephen Raphael

CMO - Global

Mayur Yambal

Principal Consultant Microservices & DevOps

Krunal Chaudhari

Principal Consultant Microservices & DevOps

Yogesh Dhande

Principal Consultant Micro-Frontend & Microservices

Media Presence

Work with us

Current Openings
Front-End Developer
QA (Automation Testing)
Big Data
Send your Resume/Portfolio to us at jobs@iauro.com shortlisted profiles will hear from us shortly.