Digital first initiatives are taking the centre stage across all industries. So why should education be any different? Connectivity, adaptive learning, massive open online courses (MOOCs), digital classrooms, online certifications and distance learning programs are greatly successful.

E-learning has almost become an equalizer for education, and that’s exactly what the industry requires today. The need of the hour is simple: take learning beyond the four walls of a classroom. Thanks to K-12 schools that are increasingly adopting e-learning mechanisms, there has been no greater need than the one to transform digitally.

Enter new age learning systems. While many learning management systems (LMS) are creating ripples in the student community, building one is no easy feat. Setting objectives, finding the right talent to streamline processes and integrating modern tech are only a few hurdles that developers need to cross. But the endgame remains common: build interactive user experiences that keeps the learner coming back for more. An intuitive experience can make or break your LMS. So how do you build one that keeps your learners coming back for more?

Disrupt. The clock is ticking fast, and the obvious answer to stand out in the crowd, is to move at the pace of new age tech. Some of the top trends impacting education include conversational AI interfaces, robust cyber security measures and deeplearning enabled customization. CRM implementations are also on the rise, since they ensure a holistic, 360 degree learning journey, for both, the student and the teacher. Digital credentialing tech like block chain will also play a crucial role in data encryption and verification across portals.

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