Create Microservices ... FAST

  • Build Microservices based solutions on the fly

  • Build and Deploy in days not weeks

  • Access Reusable Microservices marketplace

  • Legacy Modernisation

Empower Microservices' Architects and Transform Monolith to Microservices

Creating Microservice
  • Create a Microservice in just a few clicks

  • Automatic Code generation with Microservices Framework Compliance

  • Technology Stack and DB agnostic

Swagger Integration
  • Swagger URL to deploy on the server

  • Microservices Testing functionality

Compliance Report Generation
  • API Compliance

  • Code Quality

  • Security Report

Project Onboarding
  • Manage and Maintain all your Projects in single place

Project Dashboard
  • Track and Trace your projects in single place

Role-Based User Access
  • Secure User Login and authentication

  • Role-Based Access Control

  • Massively reduce the time-to-market

  • Enterprise-grade production-ready codes

  • Integrate with aurOps and end to end CI/CD automation platform