Building blocks to ship great software experiences.

GESSA sits at the centre of best-in-class processes, cutting-edge tech, and a product-mindset culture. It is changing how we deliver software.

Simplifying tech complexities.

Gesssa helps you keep up with rapidly evolving technologies.

Cloud-native development is redefining how we deliver software. There has been a drastic evolution in the pre-cloud to cloud-native era.

  • Today’s environment demands that things cannot move one after another, but together.
  • The emergence of microservices has enabled architectures to be scalable.
  • The way we collect, store and analyze our data is changed.
  • Choosing the right tool, framework and language from the thousands available is tough.
  • Automation, compliance, distributed workforces have made things complex.

What is GESSA?

A platform to help build great platforms.

The GESSA engine gives technology teams the building blocks to deliver great software. It allows teams to spend more time thinking about the business logic and experience, while GESSA stitches together the solution in no time.

Delivers a solution that is just right.

Can easily scale

Always available

Highly flexible

Unique & independent

Easily maintainable

Compliant & standardized

And, why customers love it.

20% Cost Optimization

Memorable customer experience

Reduces Risk

Cuts time by 40%

World-class quality

Increases efficiency by 50%

How it works?

Generating Enterprise Secure and Scalable Applications. GESSA

The platform identifies low, medium, and high complexity blocks to help teams create great software. Low complexity blocks such as boilerplates, medium complexity reusable assets, and high complexity solutions can all be picked up and stitched together at rapid development speeds. The ease of putting these blocks together allows more time for teams to customize the solution as per the domain and business logic. The entire platform has been structured to be used as an Integrated Development Environment for developing enterprise cloud-native applications.

Europe’s leading telecom company uses Gessa to auto solve 30% of all project use cases.

Reduced time


Optimised cost


Powered by GESSA, India’s leading b2b & b2c solar energy provider, increases operational efficiency by 52%.

Reduced time


Optimised cost


Under the hood

Tech Stack:

Best Practices

Cloud Native Approach

  • Containerized
  • Scalable, high availability
  • Microservices and micro-frontend design
  • Highly secure

We are building many bytes sized IPs, notification engine, search engine. These accelerators have all been put together to create this powerful platform.

Interested in getting started?

What GESSA can do for you.

Connect with us for 16 hours of design thinking sessions.

You will get top level architecture and wireframes.

Outputs to fixed budget proposals (with a cost of reusable assets and customization).

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