Evolving resilient solutions through collaboration

All enterprises today are moving towards becoming more agile, no matter their size or geographical location, especially if they are tech companies. Then again, in this day and age, businesses don’t have a choice but to build technical expertise. This is where DevOps comes into the picture.

Whether it is an enterprise or a startup, the DevOps methodology works wonders in each setup. It has the potential to improve existing delivery mechanisms across the board. Coupled with automation, the DevOps philosophy ensures better business outcomes and helps them scale up effectively.

Our teams are well versed in the DevOps approach, and work tirelessly to develop, integrate and deliver stable code. We help your business in bridging the gap between Development and Operations to help automation efforts, reduce overhead operations and deliver quality solutions. In a radically changing industry, the need to evolve at the speed of thought is real, and with a sound DevOps implementation, that’s what we help you achieve.

The iauro Edge

Why DevOps?

46x original Deployments

Cost Optimization

Better end user experience

Failure rate reduced by 5x

Better project management efficiency

20x Scalability

Recovery time reduced by 96x

Improved software quality