Evolving solutions through empathetic consumer experiences

Working with the design thinking approach is very much like planning a Sunday trek

Plan the area and time
Understand problems that may arise on the trek
Think up solutions to problems
Explore route to reach the goal faster
Enjoy the view as you celebrate with delicious food

We help our clients organize their business idea with a phase-wise approach. Right from the ideation of the project to creating a successful product; our approach is based on empathizing with customers, identifying their problems and objectives, deriving ideas to solve the problems at hand, creating a prototype of the solution, and finally testing the prototype. Fundamentally, through design thinking, we aim to achieve a culture of innovation through each of these stages.


What’s the problem?
Defining the scope of the platform
What can we do?
Identify the features of the platform
Who is this helping?
All users interacting with the platform
Why does this matter?
Interaction points and flow between actors and features put in place


User research
It helps to learn the behavior, goals, motivations, and needs of the user. At iauro, we conduct user research based on the following parameters
Objectives : What are the knowledge gaps that need to be filled
Hypothesis : Building a user understanding
Methods : Data collection methods defined
Conduct : Research conducted, based on the above-defined methods
Synthesize : Analysis of hypotheses undertaken

Telling a story

We live and breathe Gherkin formats, through which we build stories that define the end user’s requirements and features.
Given : Context is everything
When : User actions defined
Then : Business outcomes defined

Mapping it out

There are visuals for everything: right from the first user interaction to the time they exit the user interface. How else can a seamless UX be built?


Disruptive information architecture
In-app flow defined, along with the main building blocks of user interaction
Innovative low fidelity wireframes
It’s all about the details! Each feature in each screen is created separately


The bigger picture
High fidelity wireframes with detailed data elements created
Setting design standards
The app’s look and feel, fonts, colors, etc. are all implemented here
Creation of visual design for the screens
This details out user experience on each screen. This is done for each feature of information architecture


As you like it!
Prototypes for custom interactions created through happy and negative paths interactions
Creation of Prototypes
Test models created for happy path interactions
Did they like it?
A/B Testing implemented and user feedback gathered for the prototypes created


Setting UI Guidelines
The final layout for UI is designed on the basis of pre-created guidelines. One more step to making the developer’s life simpler
Design Language System (DLS)
At iauro, we also develop DLS for complex projects, it helps bridge the gap between designer and developers. Through DLS we design the complete component and also its front-end code, to make the communication from designer to developer easier.
Creating an asset library
All assets required for UI development delivered. Phew!