Family owned pet food company

Trudog™ is a family owned pet food company which manufactures and sells their own pet food. The major challenge they faced was engaging with customers on their ecommerce platform, and maintaining the customer’s interest levels about the products available on their platform.

The client had an existing blog and product catalogue platform in place. However, the legacy solution lacked key aspects like customer retention module, customer loyalty, online coupons and a recommendation engine to help customers with their choice of products. Team iauro was approached with an objective of improving the overall customer experience and engagement rates.


Track Customers

The existing e-Commerce shopping cart had been created on a 3D cart. The iauro team migrated this onto Magento to enhance platform capabilities. Custom Magento extensions were also built to help Trudog track customers, analyze their behaviour and recommend products based on their past purchase history. Promotional coupons and attractive deals were also offered to their most loyal customers.





Product details managed through an online catalogue

All integrated online shopping portal with payment gateways, shipping, order tracking and inventory management

Customized promotional offers for loyal customers, that aided customer retention strategies

Product recommendations for cross selling mapped online

Customer level analytics tracked along with a category based search. Improved backend vendor experience


Technology Stack


The deft use of disruptive technology has enabled Trudog to monitor customer behaviour better, and provide their audiences with controlled product discounts and coupons. This has also resulted in a massive increase in customer conversion and retention rates. Trudog can now also analyze customer behaviour in detail to create future prediction models for their stakeholders.