Traditionally, banquet halls and wedding venues have maintained their bookings through manual registers and a pen and paper approach, but that’s not very conducive, nor sustainable in the long run. The process is cumbersome, unstructured and mismanaged, leading to occupancy issues and booking issues for clients.


The iauro team came up with a smart BanqNRoll app based solution, backed by sophisticated modern tech stacks to streamline bookings


Simple calendar view to track all bookings in one place

Banquet hall details and customizations can be set

Automated SMS workflows for constant communication with clients. Food and catering services can also be managed through the app

Data synchronization across multiple devices to keep track of hall availability and the amount of revenue generated Integrated payment gateway and online finance systems to track payment status in real time




Seamless online bookings for consumers for a better organized banquet experience

Significant performance improvement in terms of payment reporting and analytics

A complete customer database generated and maintained