People have different food habits based on their upbringing. Food allergies are a growing concern globally, and based on the severity of the allergy, the patient’s immune system may overreact to foreign substances. CheckContent thus approached the iauro team with an aim to prevent food allergies for people through an innovative use of new age technology.


We architected a solution with a

Manufacturer Dashboard
Keeps track of food and ingredients and data within the system

Barcode scanner
To generate real time alerts for users in case of allergic reactions

Admin Dashboard
To control manufacturer access controls, packages and user analytics


User login

Enter food items that you are allergic to

Visit a shopping market

Scan the barcode of the food item

Get immediate alerts

Recommendation of an alternative product received


Maintains a complete user profile and keeps track of all allergic reactions

Detects food items that users are allergic to and recommends alternatives in real time

Pushes for products that are not available to be included in the database

Recommends recipes with ingredients that have non allergic components


Maintains a complete product catalogue

Maintains a complete product catalogue

Detects and tracks user buying patterns and behaviours



More than 20000 manufacturers registered on the portal along with 1 million listed products More than 50000 monthly users on the app CheckContent has made life simpler for people with food allergies, one step at a time