It is imperative for any product company to be in sync with customer expectations, but this is true especially for FMCG brands. How do you do that? Through in-depth research and durable, verified customer data that can be analyzed to derive customer behaviour and purchase patterns. Go2Survey was created with the same aim in mind: to understand the brand’s consumer in as much detail as possible. However, the data analytics platform in use was unable to meet the brand’s expectations


The iauro team was approached to streamline the data gathering and analysis process, in order to maintain the credibility of the raw data being generated through market research, so that brands could extract core insights out of that data with ease. The team thus built an intelligent, intuitive market survey tool that enables customized form generations for people undertaking these surveys. Forms are generated in less than 48 hours, and can be deployed within an Android app. The FOS (feet on street) team can use this app to disseminate surveys to interested audiences, ensuring that their responses and tasks are tracked in real time.


Increased environmental sustainability: 100% replacement of the pen and paper approach and since all data collection happens through the app

Remote surveys: Offline surveys can be conducted even without proper mobile network

Customized surveys: The fully customizable design tool enables question branching, skipping and looping within a survey, thus making life simpler for both, the person who creates the survey, and the person who takes it

GPS tracking: The exact date, location and time of on ground actions is mapped in real time

Easy accessibility: Encrypted data is hosted on cloud servers and available on demand, eradicating the need for physical infrastructure and optimizing costs



Skill-Gap Analysis

Supply – Skilled and unskilled youth available in a region of your choice

Demand – The number of industries available in the region along with the different job profiles available in each industry

Impact – A scope for skills development centres in the defined region can be created on the basis of job opportunities and requirements


Consumer behaviour Analysis

Supply – A certain percentage of people cooking food at home

Demand – People with a buying preference for home cooked food

Impact – People’s perceived value of ready to eat home cooked food


Data collection across various audience sets in real time Easy mapping of analytics through online and on ground research A strong base for BTL companies to generate decisive market research