A philanthropic solution that helps users donate money via their favorite brands, 4Me4We was struggling with the user interface of their app. They wanted to create an extremely seamless user experience for the end consumer, that would enable them to donate more money via the app.


The solution built for 4Me4We includes components like



Customer can select their charities, and the option to split donations

Customers can check their favorite brands that have partnered with 4Me4We

Purchase the goods and services from brands that support donations

QR code support, through which receipts for donations are generated

Increased goodwill and shareability among the consumer base


The process of donations has become much simpler for the end consumer, with a user-friendly interface and well-integrated service systems. The 4Me4We solution can also generate heat maps for brands around you that support donations.

Give by living, and help the causes you feel for!