Easily manage table queue in
your restaurant


Restaurants have a huge problem to manage incoming patrons at the peak hours. The manager has to juggle hordes of customers who want to claim a seat the moment it is available!

In all this hustle and bustle, manager ends up assigning table to wrong customer and leads to lot of unhappy customers with bad experience.


Faced with above challenges, we wanted to create a queue management solution that will track customer walk-ins, manage customer priority, help avoid confusion and improve customer experience.

How we did this

We designed and implemented a solution with a simple yet powerful ways

Table size, customer priority and wait time tracking in a single snapshot.
Easy workflow to know Waiting & Placed customers.

Settings to customize Area and restaurant details.

SMS automation workflow to guide customers through wait times.

Maintain and manage Future Reservations

Search for Waiting customer by Name or mobile

Technology Stack


Generate and maintain customer Database

Provide Real-time service to customers

Report and analysis on customer walkins

Organize customer wait-time and provide better experience

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