is aggregator of free full length movies, TV shows, trending viral videos, clips, etc.
OVGuide always had a good presence on the web with good amount of user traction. However when it came to mobile and other connected devices, OVGuide didn’t had a presence on any of the platforms.


started experimenting with Web-based mobile applications to serve their ever increasing customer base. However with the web approach, it was very difficult to create right kind of user experience over mobile. We began working with OVGuide to expand their solutions in mobile, Tablets, Connected Devices.


15+ advertisement network integrations with banner, interactive, video ads

Customized video player to watch movies. Video advertisement stitching between movie

Intuitive and clutter-free grid layouts for movies

Genre based movie filters

New Interaction Methods

Apple TV remote

Amazon FireTV remote and Chromecast support

SpotX integration and DFP integration

Technology Stack


captured all the touchpoints related to the user ranging from mobiles, tablets, web to connected devices. OVGuide has almost 6+ million visitors per day, 12+ million unique users per month and presence across all the devices. This sets OVGuide to be the largest independant guidance source for video consumption.