CheckContent assists in the food preparation for people with food Allergies and intolerances


People have different food habits based on the liking and upbringing. At a global level, food allergies is a growing problem when you eat a Food item for which your immune system overreacts. With this thought in mind, client approached us to think about an innovative technology solution that might help prevent food allergies for people.


We architeched a solution that had

Manufacturer Dashboard

to push in their food product related data with all ingredients within the system.

Barcode scanner

for user to scan a product and get alerts when they have allergies for food products.

Admin Dashboard

to control manufacturer access controls, packages and manufacture and user level analytics.

How checkcontent works

User login

Enter allergies

Visits a shopping market

Scans the barcode of the food

Gets immediate alerts

Recommends alternative product


Maintain user profile with allergy settings

Detect allergies in food products and recommend non-allergetic products.

Push product which are not available to be included in database

Get recipes with ingredients having non-allergetic components.

For Manufacturer

Maintain products catalogue

Get recipes with ingredients having non-allergetic components

Understand user buying patterns and behaviours

Technology Stack


Today, Checkcontent has over 20k+ manufacturers along with 1 million products listed. CheckContent has 50k+ users using their solution on monthly basis and has helped 20k+ users to avoid allergetic products and choose the right one.

Checkcontent solution has made user life safer one product at a time!!!