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Aligning “tasks in hand” and “tasks in mind”


UI/UX Process


  • Business logic, work-flows, architecture and use cases

Scope & Structure

  • Analyze user roles & respective access controls
  • Creating walkthroughs based on the functional requirement

Usability Wireframing

  • Generating workflow wireframes
  • User experience testing

Visual design

  • Actual design creation with UI elements

Delivery Document

  • Delivering all visual elements with specifications to development team


Quality Assurance Process

Automated Unit Testing

  • Isolated module wise testing of source code to check if code meets its design

Code Coverage

  • Check percentage of code that has been executed by test suite.

Code Walkthrough and Code Smell

  • Periodic walkthroughs of the code so that coding standards such as Google coding standards, Hungarian notations, CamelCase notations are maintained
  • Analyze method Or function optimization
  • Avoid duplication Or un-used code
  • Avoid method overriding
  • Detect and optimize complicated design patterns

Performance Testing

  • Testing the solution for scalability and resource utilization.

QA Test Plan

  • Define objective to be achieved through test plan
  • Add a detail schedule of development deliverables
  • Assign teams, fix test deliverables and decide tools and environment required for testing
  • Track defects and project through defect management tool

Automated Functional Testing

  • List down functions that solution has to perform
  • Determine input and output based on function’s requirement
  • Test actual and expected output for the function

Workflow Testing

  • Identify user roles and workflows within the solution
  • Test actual and expected behavior for workflows

Automated UI Testing

  • Develop test scripts to automate UI testing within the mobile solution
  • Manual Testing
  • End-to-end solution testing by covering each possible user workflow within the system.


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